September 8, 2010

Checking in with Mary...

First, let me say Thank You to everyone who has reached out to me. I'm not much accustomed to being on the receiving end of "Oooooooh, I'm so sorry to hear the news." but I've come to understand that these expressions are very heartfelt and I've also come to understand that although Mary in The Morning and Marigold were my livelihood, they meant a great deal to the folks that were engaged in all that we did. 

On Tuesday, the first day of school, I heard from many moms and dads that the morning drive to school just wasn't the same without their dose of Mary in the Morning. Even the kids were asking, "Where's Mary?". On the Marigold side of things, the women whom we have served have been amazingly supportive, but their condolences always include the question of how will they all stay connected to each other without us. And so, to all of them and you, I want to convey how sorry I am that it came to an end.

I do feel a sense of commitment to everyone. I couldn't change the decision that was made by the owners, and I don't have the wherewithal to buy back Marigold and start over.

The Future: There IS something in the works and I am thrilled to experience the entrepreneurial seizure-like passion for a new project. I am putting the pieces together with the bonus of implementing all that I have learned from the experiences of Mary in the Morning and Marigold. My every impulse wants to scream from the mountain top what I'm planning, but I need to do my due-diligence on researching the viability of the concept and secure the sponsors, media partners, etc... For those wondering if I'm returning to the airwaves, well... we'll see if that fits in. I imagine that it will, in some format.

Getting Together: One of the great joys of my career is helping local charities raise funds and awareness for their programming and services. I am continuing to emcee local events and speak to groups around the state. There are several events in the coming weeks.  I would love to see you and catch-up at any of these. My newsletter,  presently named  Mary's Next Big Thing, is where you will find info and links to buy tickets and learn more about, well, my next big thing. You can register HERE to subscribe. To read the current issue, CLICK HERE.

The Lame Arm: For those who are wondering..... I had major shoulder surgery on Aug. 20th. I came home from Munson with the equivalent of the backseat of a small car strapped to my waist. My arm was then strapped to the "backseat". I've since traded that in for a smaller model, but the concept is the same. Friends have suggested that I name the darned thing, but nothing has stuck. I now type and write with only my left hand, which is not fun or efficient when you are right-handed.  I am 4 weeks away from freedom from this thing. No driving, no cutting into a juicy steak, but no folding laundry either! And certainly no ice skating which got me into this trouble in the first place.

I would love to hear from you, my new e-mail address is Feel free to drop me a note. 

My Next Big Thing has a role for everyone. Stay tuned!

Your friend,