February 23, 2010

What do Joan Rivers, David Letterman and Rich Brauer have in common?

Joan Rivers, David Letterman, Garry Shandling, Bob Newhart and others, all moved their careers ahead by guest hosting The Tonight Show while Johnny Carson was on vacation. No doubt my guest hosts will meet with fame and fortune when they take over for me while on vacation March 2 through the 10th. 

Yes, these fine folks all enthusiastically answered my call to sit in for me. Interestingly, as the time approaches there are some nervous jitters. So, I'm asking you to show your support, call the show with questions and comments, post your greetings on the Mary in the Morning Facebook page and generally make them feel loved and adored.

How lucky am I to have friends offer to do my job for me while I'm gone?  They are all choosing their own guests and topics, some of which I'm aware, but most remain under wraps. 

Here's the line-up:
Tuesday March 2: Steve Wade, Executive Director, United Way of Northern Michigan                                         
Wednesday, March 3: Karyn Hertel, Director, Marigold & YOU-FM

Thursday, March 4: Rich Brauer, President, Brauer Productions

Friday, March 5:  Bryan Crough, Community Development Director, Traverse City

Monday, March 8:  Brett Gourdie, Publisher, NM3 (Northern Michigan Men's Magazine)

Tuesday March 9:  Bonnie Alfonso, President, Alfie Logo Gear

Wednesday, March 10  Karyn Hertel, Director, Marigold YOU-FM
Rich Brauer asked if I would be listening to the show while I'm gone. No, I will be sitting under a palm tree with a Margarita in my hand reading a trashy novel considering if it is time to turn over for a more even tan. Now, I'm a little jittery wondering why he wanted to know. Hmm....

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